Biocide Resistance

Biocide Resistance

  • Differential gene expression analysis  of Pseudomonas biofilms in response to sodium hypochlorite
  • RNA-Seq and Transcriptome data analysis
  • Identification of significantly up- and down regulated genes
  • Reconstruction of potential resistance pathways

Case Study Biocide Resistance

Project Topic:
Regulation of antimicrobial resistance genes in biofilms in
response to sodium hypochlorite

Project Partner:
University of Pittsburg

Sample type:
Pseudomonas biofilms

Target Molecule:

Laboratory Analysis:
Exposure of Pseudomonas fluorescens biofilms to different sodium hypochlorite concentrations, recovery and sequencing of mRNA from experimental and control groups

Bioinformatic Analysis:
Quality control, read mapping, differential gene expression analysis, gene annotation, pathways reconstruction

Differential expression analysis resulted in the identification of significantly upand downregulated genes in response to sodium hypochlorite. Following annotation of these genes, results were used to reconstruct cellular pathways which may be used by Pseudomonas biofilm cells to develop resistance to oxidative biocides.

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