End Of The Year 2023 offers

Offer: 20% discount if you plan and pay your project this year

Save 20% of the regular price for any project that is planned and payed this year. A perfect way good way to spend your remaining funds or budget by the end of year? 

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Condition: This offer is valid until the 31. December 2023. It applied to projects that are planned and payed this year. Projects may include any of our offered services, including sequencing by external providers.

Offer: Pay one genome and get one for free

You have some bacterial or archaeal strain in culture that you want to have sequenced? Here is the perfect offer for you: Send us your high-quality DNA and deliver the genome to you. Our service includes Nanopore sequencing, genome assembly and gene functional annotation. 

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Condition: This offer is valid until the end of 31. December 2023. It applied to maximum 3 genomes per customer thus you can get 6 genomes for the price of 3. 

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